Call for Submissions – Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Issue #2

Call for submissions – Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Issue #2

What’s a tapezine? Click here!

Publisher: Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Jesse Lafleur, VA3VHS
Fee: $0
Prize: Accepted submissions will receive a free copy of Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Issue #2 and be fully listed as artist with bio/link in included documentation.

Description: Tapezine: Analogue journal is a 21st century zine-on-tape – celebrating Analogue Media and Culture
Tapezine uses a regular cassette tape. With a regular tape player, you can extract Images, Text, and Data using your computer or smartphone!

Wanted: (Visual, Text, and Audio) Art, Film Photography, Poetry, Writing, Manifestos, Painting. Audio welcome: Music, Interviews, Spoken word.
anything celebrating Analogue Media and Culture

All submissions will be converted into either:
A side Audio (music, audio, etc)
B side Data (all images converted to ROBOT 36 SSTV analogue video image, all text converted to ASCII text)

Image submissions will be converted to a 4:3 ratio, Audio no longer than 3 minutes, Text no longer than 2 kilobytes (no more than 1000 words, shorter is very welcome)

more information:

Want to submit? contact via email.

Submission Deadline: June 1st, 2019

Projects upon projects

I’m trying to get all of my various projects listed on this site. I’ve added a few and made the project list a bit more robust. Feel free to check it out if you’re curious on the things I’m working on!

I’m hoping to get a lot done this summer, but we’ll see.

Games and Mail

I can’t take credit for any of them, but I’ve added a bunch of terminal console games and installed mail. You can now send me a message by logging into my website via terminal access (this page also lists the games installed) and mailing me a message like an email. Press Control+D on a new line when you’re done. I noticed someone tried to send me a message on the guest account and so I’ve obliged them.

While I’m sure an email address is floating out there, contacting me on this website by the server’s new mail command will certainly be a fun exercise for you and a delight for me.

You can also send “guest” a message that is basically something of a public message board. It’s also total anarchy, so if it fills up with spam type stuff I’ll disable that too. I’m just trying to offer some fun things for someone bored to try…

Website thoughts

I’ve on and off have had a website of some kind since the 90s. I’ve usually used my website to develop my programming skills. It was the way I learned PHP, Javascript, and later Actionscript (since we’re talking web technologies…) I was fairly handy with Adobe Flash programming, but I’m happier with things like jQuery or I guess Node.js which I’m just digging into (again, PHP).

I suppose this website is going to be an amalgam of numerous websites I’ve had in the past though perhaps more technologically speaking than content wise. In addition, since this is being run on a VPS, it gives me a new opportunity to run *NIX and get better aquainted.

This website will serve my personal ethereal computing purposes online as well as promote my projects and products so I am hoping to make it both an educational experience (for myself and others) and a shameless self promotional venue for me.

I’ve decided not to get too much into specifics right now, even as stuff becomes live and online. As I think of fun or clever things to do this website will slowly grow.

Hello world!

1st Post! Yup, yet another attempt to have a website. We’ll see.