Raccoon City: TRS V1.0.3b OUT!

Various adjustments to difficulty, rarity, etc. More bug fixes to come.
Please continue to report bugs to me.

Cats and Goose slightly reduced in difficulty, Time used by movements reduced slightly, fixes to Subway names, etc. etc. etc.

Hungry Ed fix coming for V1.0.4b

Remember, accounts can always get the latest edition. Please check the version by running the program and confirming via the main screen.

To run the disk image, remember after loading to type:


Workshops now available!

I love to share my knowledge. My first two workshops of 2019 is now available: BASIC Programming and Film Photography!

If you live in Toronto, I would love to offer you a unique, hands on experience with real vintage equipment. I am confident you will learn a lot and will have a lot of fun doing it!

Feel free to review the developing workshops page, but I’ve linked the two current workshops above!

Apple IIc computers now available!

I’ve begun the process of refurbishing and restoring my cache of Apple IIc computers. Save yourself some money and get it sooner by buying an as-is tested working machine, or have me expertly refurbish the machine for you! 30 day turn around for refurbished machines! Check out the special Woz Edition, signed by Steve Wozniak and comes with a free copy of Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator the new Apple II game!

Click here to buy an Apple IIc computer!

Raccoon City: TRS V1.0.2b Out!

Yes, a few more bug fixes.

The Cat and the Cake now make appearances!
Subway costs 50 cents
Quarters are slightly more common
Tele-Fone Quest system repaired
and other fixes.

More to come. Please re-download from your account on this site!

Raccoon City: TRS V1.0.1b out!

Fixed a few bugs from the BitBazaar 10 experience. More bug fixes to come.
For those who have purchased a copy, please re-download the disk image. You can tell what version you are running on the main loading screen.

If you bought a copy from me at BitBazaar, please double check the email address I wrote down for you, I am aware some people are having difficulty contacting me. I assure you, your access to RC:TRS will not be restricted!

Thank you and enjoy RC:TRS. Please report all bugs to me!


Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator – Available Now!

Buy Raccoon City: TRS here!

Learn all about the new Apple II game – Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator. Starts from just $3! Get the Deluxe Edition which comes with printed manual and deluxe Apple II compatible cassette for just $20. Wow!

Yes! You can play this new game on your smartphone or laptop!

Tapezine: AJ #2 – Deadline at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT

Tapezine: Analogue Journal Issue #2 submissions close tonight at midnight. Thank you to everyone who has already submitted, I will be reaching out over the weekend!

Remember, Issue #2 will be released at BitBazaar 10! June 22nd, 12pm to 7pm at the Toronto Media Arts Centre (32 Lisgar – Queen & Dovercourt) Toronto, Canada

Tapezine: Analogue Journal Issue 2 SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED JUNE 14

I’ve extended the deadline as Broken Pencil only just listed the call for submissions. Given how close it is to my original deadline, I’ve decided to extend the deadline to the 14th, which gives me enough time to hammer our Issue #2 in time for BitBazaar 10!

The new deadline is 11:59PM June 14th 2019.

More info here.

Terminal Access Remains Disabled

My current host is being honestly rather rude about this, so until I can find a way to secure system from abuse I have to keep the Guest account disabled. I made this decision because they’ve basically threatened to disable my account if they see anything they don’t like. Oh well.

Call for Submissions – Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Issue #2

Call for submissions – Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Issue #2

What’s a tapezine? Click here!

Publisher: Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Jesse Lafleur, VA3VHS
Fee: $0
Prize: Accepted submissions will receive a free copy of Tapezine: Analogue Journal – Issue #2 and be fully listed as artist with bio/link in included documentation.

Description: Tapezine: Analogue journal is a 21st century zine-on-tape – celebrating Analogue Media and Culture
Tapezine uses a regular cassette tape. With a regular tape player, you can extract Images, Text, and Data using your computer or smartphone!

Wanted: (Visual, Text, and Audio) Art, Film Photography, Poetry, Writing, Manifestos, Painting. Audio welcome: Music, Interviews, Spoken word.
anything celebrating Analogue Media and Culture

All submissions will be converted into either:
A side Audio (music, audio, etc)
B side Data (all images converted to ROBOT 36 SSTV analogue video image, all text converted to ASCII text)

Image submissions will be converted to a 4:3 ratio, Audio no longer than 3 minutes, Text no longer than 2 kilobytes (no more than 1000 words, shorter is very welcome)

more information: http://jesselafleur.ca/blog/index.php/tapezine/

Want to submit? contact via email.

Submission Deadline: June 1st, 2019