Terminal Access

You can access this website as if it were an old school mainframe. You can use the older Telnet port telnet://jesselafleur.ca:23 or via Secure Shell at port 22. Of course, you don’t need to use terminal software as I have provided a web compatible access point:

Connect via your Browser: http://jesselafleur.ca:2600.

Login: guest
Password: guest

There is nothing of serious value stored on this VPS, all I ask is that you kindly don’t attempt to damage it. The account has limited permissions and is restricted from certain folders. Please play nice!

What can I do on it?

Good question! Right now, not too much. I have installed the following programs for your amusement:

Type in the following command to run certain programs….

Browse the web via terminal! Ctrl+G to enter the address bar!

A competitive chess program that has a decent ELO rating. Can you beat it?

A capable Japanese Go boardgame program, a very strategic and complex game!

Play a Tetris type game!

Enjoy this space-invaders arcade clone!

If you’ve ever played snake, Nibbles, or owned an indestructible Nokia phone, this will be familiar

Yes, it’s pacman for the console! This arcade classic is still lots of fun.

a traditional rogue like hack-and-slash dungeon crawler!

This is a very zen game where you are a robot that must wander the grid searching for a kitten. The text character for the kitten changes each game so it’s a new experience every time.

To quit any of these programs, press Ctrl-C. If you’re on mobile, this isn’t very usable as the built in keyboard masks the built-in one on the SSH client. Sorry, unless you plug in a keyboard to your mobile device it won’t let you use CTRL and other important terminal access keys!

More programs will eventually be installed