Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator

Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator lets you experience a 12 hour night in the life of a Toronto Raccoon! Wander the real city streets and back alleys of Toronto looking for trash to eat while encountering eight of the city’s natural wildlife creatures – from pigeons to skunks to fellow raccoons!


Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator is a new game by READY! Computer playable on your smartphone (Android and iOS) , your computer (Win/Mac/*NIX), and especially your 8-bit Apple II personal computer.

Yes, the streets of downtown Toronto, Canada programmed into 40+ year old Applesoft BASIC, this high-tech modern simulator pushes an 8-bit Apple II to its 48k limits! Don’t worry, your smartphone or computer can play it too!

16 Interactive Raccoons!

This simulator allows you to interact with 16 fellow raccoons with unique names and personalities that also wander the streets (from High Park to the DVP, St. Clair to Lake Ontario!) also featuring some lost-but-not forgotten Toronto landmarks, a “Raccoon City Subway” system, “Tele-Fone” quests and more!

A Fun Retro Challenge!

Can you survive the night? Can you dodge early morning traffic at Yonge and Bloor? Can you make friends with all the raccoons? Can you fill your dens with food? Find lucky items, tasty-trash, and fortune in RACCOON CITY: TORONTO RACCOON SIMULATOR.

V1.0 Beta Launch at BitBazaar 10, Toronto Media Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada

Raccoon City: TRS features the Illustrations and Sprite work by Emily Fin.

Interact with over a dozen local raccoons!

Available NOW!– for digital download, audio cassette, and 5.25″ floppy disk (DOS 3.3 .do image) –Yes! play it on your smartphone with ease!

Standard Edition:

$10 – Receive a functional Apple II data-cassette in standard case. Comes with RC:TRS manual, printed mini-map and a digital download to play on your smartphone or computer too!
No cassette player nor Apple II required for play!

Deluxe Edition:

$20 – Receive the functional Apple II data-cassette, plus digital download, physical deluxe user manual featuring deluxe illustrations, printed city-map, official button badge, stickers, and more in a deluxe collectors cassette case!
No cassette player nor Apple II required for play!


Digital Only and Digital Plus

$3 – digital image for smartphone / browser/ and emulators. But, you’ll be missing out on an excellent game manual with illustrations, and must play with out a printed map!

$5 – digital plus includes disk image, digital manual and digital map!

Interested in helping Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator become bigger and even better? Stay Tuned!

Interested in playing Raccoon City: TRS on real Apple II hardware?

The Apple IIc is a fun computer. Learn more here. Buy the hardware the game was designed for!