Jesse’s Projects

I’m a serial project starter, but rarely a project finisher. I’m handling a lot more than just the projects listed online, the ones listed here are the ones with the most development or are at least ready to share some details!

I’m most excited about these projects right now

FM-BYTES: is renaissance, baroque and classical music synthesised by the ubiquitous Yamaha Frequency Modulation Synthesis chip “OPL3” found in millions of computers in the 1990s. Available free on YouTube.

Tapezine: The Analogue Journal is a zine on cassette that covers various analogue media formats while showcasing a new hybrid analogue-digital format on a regular audio cassette tape. Get images, and text from a cassette decoded by your computer or smartphone

Raccoon City: Toronto Raccoon Simulator is a new game by READY! Computer that is playable on any smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac/*NIX and especially your Apple II Personal Computer

Under Development:

Super Radical: Right now just my retro vintage electronics instagram. A new photo daily, each one taken by me! More to come with “Super Radical”…

Apple //c Project: I’ve come across a secret stash of 80s Apple computers, time to fix them up and put them back out into the world!

Terminal Access: I’m trying to run a lot of fun open source programs and offer my website as a future digital playground. I’m definitely taking risks doing it, so play nice!Less developed projects

Lesser Developed Projects

Computer Chess: A video documentary on the history of Computerised chess. Coming Eventually!

Ready Computer Co.: Hardware/Software – Retro Inspired…

Lucky Cat Novelty Co.: An old project that might come back. Maybe.

VA3VHS: Nothing specific yet for this, but this is my Amateur Radio operator call sign.