Wolfgang Amadeus

Classical Music meets the silicon age. Since the early days of electronic instruments, the music of the centuries past has been “synthesized” for a listening audience.

Inspired by the likes of Wendy Carlos’ Switched On Bach and my own love of 1980s Japanese Frequency Modulated audio synthesizer electronics comes FM-BYTES: Classical Music synthesized with Classic Yamaha FM Synthesizers

The Composers:

From Renaissance composers like Palestrina and Galilei to Baroque composers like Vivaldi and Bach to Classical Composers like Mozart and Beethoven. Music that is approximately 200 to 450 years old!

The Synthesizer:

I am using a sound synthesis chip that was included in a mid 1990s Toshiba Satellite Laptop. The chip is the Yamaha YMF262, also known as the OPL3 (OPL is an acronym for FM Operator Type-L), is an FM synthesis sound chip released by Yamaha Corporation in the early 1990s. It is an improved version of the Yamaha YM3812 (OPL2 released in the mid 1980s). They were used in a number IBM PC compatible soundcards including the Sound Blaster.


All of these videos are available for free on YouTube. Feel free to rip them using downloaders if you like them.

A Note:
I admit that my personal contribution to this music is not very substantial. I didn’t write the music, make the synth, program the software, etc.

I wanted to hear this kind of music using the synthesizer sounds of my childhood and I am sharing my results with the public.

I have selected the sounds for each of the instruments (harpsichord, organ, string instruments, wind instruments) that are synthesized, added some depth, overall speed and stereo plotting. I have tried to be faithful to the composer while exploring the capabilities of the computer hardware.

At best, I am merely curating renaissance, baroque, and classical music using an automated process via obsolete computers to produce nostalgia inducing recordings. I have not done anything you couldn’t reproduce in an hour, but I happen to be doing it in a way that is suited to my preferences.

That said, these are produced for my personal enjoyment and I hope others with similar tastes will enjoy