BASIC Programming Workshop

Live in Toronto (GTA)? Interested in learning the fundamentals of programming? Want a unique learning experience of the simplicity and straightforwardness of retro programming environments? Want to learn to make games and other simple programs for old hardware?

I can help!

I offer a BASIC programming workshop in the city of Toronto. Smaller groups are preferred, but be it one-on-one or a larger group of up to 25+ can be arranged.

BASIC Programming Workshop $149

This 2+ hour workshop will show you the fundamentals of BASIC using original 1980s Apple computer hardware. This is a flexible, customizable workshop that will allow the individual or group some control over what we cover. If you want to learn more about the history of the computer as we learn programming concepts, that’s great! If you want to stick to the programming concepts and make a fun game, you’re the boss!

The Apple IIc is a fantastic computer to teach programming on, why?

  • Built in BASIC programming language
  • Mechanical keyboard for comfortable typing
  • Distraction-Free programming environment
  • 40 years on the market – reliable and well documented!

Allow me to teach you how to conceptualize a computer program and then put it into action, with you controlling the computer at all times! This hands-on course shows you HOW to do it, and how you can continue to develop after the workshop. More importantly, I provide you with a core programming concepts guide which has many avenues for you to break into other programming languages should you decide to.

Have a friend or two? Group Discounts:

  • 2 people just $199 total!
  • 3 people just $249 total!
  • 4 people: $75 per person
  • 8+ people: Please Contact…
  • I can accommodate groups of 25-30 if you have the space!

Click here to buy a workshop package!

Deluxe BASIC Programming Workshop $299

All of the above, and you get to KEEP THE COMPUTER, You will also get extra programming manuals, a 5.25″ floppy diskette to save your program, and a special cable that will allow you to save your creation on your home computer.

I do not offer “keep the computer” workshops for groups, but you are welcome to invite a friend or two to learn with you! (One computer provided!)